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Me & My Rocks

An early fascination with rocks is what started it all.

Long before I made my first piece of jewelry, I was hooked on the rocks themselves.

A favorite uncle, with infinite patience, and a degree in mineral engineering, would take us to a area near his home in Minnesota, hand out geologist hammers, and let us crack open rocks, hoping to discover agates.  After finding the very first one, I was hooked.

Later on, while raising my four children on a budget that was often stretched too far, I remembered the delightful times with my uncle, looking for rocks.  

Rock hunting became a fun and low-cost family adventure.  It also provided the most inexpensive souvenir possible. There would be competitions for the loveliest specimen, sometimes heated, but always fun.  We brought rocks home from all over the United States, and then from Canada and Europe, as broader travel became possible.

At first I took small, beautiful stones to my jeweler, to have him create unique pieces for me.  But then I realized that, if I could create the pieces, they would truly be my own.

Of course I was very willing to wear my handmade necklaces & earrings, and then to give them as gifts.

After much encouragement from family and friends, I finally agreed to offer my work to the public.
I still consider myself more of a crafter, than an artist.  But I love sitting down with stone beads, sterling pins & bails, creating a picture of the finished piece in my mind or, even better, allowing the stones to lead the creation on their own.

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